Rodeo Barrels

The American Rodeo, has in Mexico real fans and the women do this sport with courage, value and with a very good times!!. This is made for a special request. Lupita this is for you.

Working with this sport is amazing, you can look the force and the ability of the woman and the horse. 
The process start with a good photo. RAW, D70 IN 16 BITS. 
Trabajar con estos deportes es fantástico, puedes observar la fuerza y la habilidad de la mujer y el caballo. 
El proceso empieza con una buena foto. RAW, D70 EN 16 BITS DE COLOR. 
Final work
Detail, two moments with high speed in the camera
The horse face tell us the force of the test
Detail,  a woman with a lot of heart
One of the photos in the process, several lines is only by hand
The union of the contrast
In the work is very important to have the control of the layers, and the good separation of the colors
Making the final steps
The original photo only with HDR filter
Direct from the camera
Direct from the camera 2

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