The X woman

Some moments, playing with my images. Alejandra and me making art

Just an experiment 
Model: Alejandra Toussaint (actress), Photo: Emilio Garcia
Digital Art: Emilio Garcia
Solo un experimento
The work began with a Canon 70D. In Raw format working at 16 bits. 
Alejandra fill the camera with her work
El trabajo empezó con una Canon 70D. En formato RAW, a 16 bits. 
Alejandra llena la cámara con su trabajo
The final work, The X WOMAN
In separate images left position
Right position
Center position
Detail in the layer
Capture the moment and with the ink effect
Left position in detail
Three faces making an X silhouette
This is a real ink. Its amazing working with water and ink,  the ink make the silhouette in a free form, I did'nt make any special movement. 
The mask, defining what do I need.
One of the original photos. She has experience and talent
Playing witn the art, just an option
Another option, I like to make several options, you never know when this is important.

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