Tequila Don Julio

This is part of my history with one of the Best Tequila Brands in the world. The works is since designing the labels for print production until the design of packaging, labels, advertising. 1991 - 2010

Tequila Don Julio design
Works for one of the best Premium Tequila in the world

In 1990 I began my history with Tequila Don Julio, at the beginning creating with the sons of Don Julio an image for commercial distribution, logo, gift box and others design. Don Julio brand grew fast, and today is one of the most important Premium tequilas. Proud of Mexico.  This is the first gift box, 1991. 
The original design was applied to different boxes, this is with 3 bottles.
This shopping bag, was used for duty free shops. 
Tequila Don Julio 1942, is a fine Tequila, this gift box was designed with the texture of the Agave leaves, and matte finish with a special paper in the interior.  The structural design and the decoration of the backgroundwas design by me, the label was design in Guadalajara Mex. 
Searching the best Agave leaf, this process began since the photo in the landscapes of the Agave, now part of the Unesco visual treasures of the World.
    Some of the sketches for the texture of Agave leafs.
    Visual experimentation for a new box, (2000)
Some of the advertising campaign for magazines, (2002).
I think that this is one of my best work with a Tequila Brand. Based on the "Alambique" shape. This design was made in 1998, Don Julio Real, one of the best tequilas in the World, Im proud to be the designer of this gift box. The bottle was design in collaboration with Alejandra Funtanet.  My work includes graphic design of the brand, label and the different decoration for the gift box.
    Don Julio Blanco, gift box, (2004 - 2010)
    Don Julio Reposado gift box (2004-2010)
    Don Julio Añejo gift box (2004-2010)

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