Print samples

This is some of my print projects, From design to production

Here are some samples of my work in graphic arts. 
From the design to production, in the best print technology, cold foil,  special varnish, dy cut, lenticular and some graphic experiments. 
Estos son algunos ejemplos de mi trabajo en las artes gráficas. Desde el diseño hasta la producción, estampado en frio, tintas especiales, barnices, lenticular y algunos experimentos gráficos
Print experiment, with 3 inks only. two pantones black plus silver, over sbs. board. 
Based on my photos and art, I made this experiment just for make new things in design. 
This is a special work for the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. A CD case, with a calendar. 
This is a brochure for Graphic arts company. Argo Artes Graficas. Several inks, metal finish, foil, emboss, print over pvc. and sbs. board.
This print production has a Lenticular work.
The brochure has 8 pages, with my art and design. 

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