A great horse
Natalea is a female horse, is from my daughter, beautiful, big and with a great education.
The family loves her.
Natalea es una yegua, pertenece a mi hija, hermosa, grande y bien educada. 
This work began with a pictures in her home, I select many of them. The final work is a combination
of digital art, and oil. 
Este trabajo comenzó con fotografía en su casa. Seleccioné algunas y el trabajo final es arte digital
con pintura al oleo. 
Begining the shoots, she is ready
The select image
With my style, digital work
Digital version
The final, high resolution UV, inks over texturized alluminium. Final size: 1.10 mts x 1.20 mts.
With Oil, free hand made and wood frame
For sale,  if you want more info please contact me:  emil@enlacedesign.com
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