Marilyn Monroe, a myth a beauty, a dream. 
Now I am exploring options to decorate an office, or a room . 
Something that I want to do. Now I can make it in vinyl. 
Marilyn Monroe, el mito, la belleza, el sueño.
Ahora exploro opciones para decorar una oficina o un cuarto. 
Algo que quiero hacer. Ahora lo puedo hacer con vinil. 
Project in progress
She, the beauty and the movie star, remember some works of the fifties, * Norman Rockwell, a great illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post. 
Detail, free hand work
More detail
In the process, I take other pictures to complete the idea. Cameras, movie, now I am trying to combine, modern times.
Final look, a tribute to the film and camera work
Origin. I work with this picture in a photo book. Stars of Hollywood.
Part of the process
Another option
Other stars admire Marilyn... well , remember that this is a dream
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